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Amish Built Barns and Timber Frame Storage Sheds in Lancaster County, PA are built with Mortise and Tenon Joinery.

Put a Timber Frame Barn or Shed from Old Homestead Barns on your property today.

Mortise and Tenon Joinery
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Amish builders build the pieces of each custom built timberframe shed in the shop. The pieces of the timberframe barn are delivered unassembled and built on site to your custom specifications.
Timber Frame Barn The Timber Frame buildings are constructed with 4" x 4" upright posts and cross beams. The post and beam are joined to give the structure exceptional strength.

The handmade oak pegs and are crafted by an 80 year old Amish man. They are round with square heads for authentic Mortise and Tenon Joinery.

The Timber Frame is covered with 1" x 12"
pine or hemlock sheeting boards for an authentic "old barn" look. Old Homestead Barns are custom designed and weather naturally to become the perfect upscale shed - and an alternative to the vinyl sided shed.
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Old Homestead Timber Frame Sheds and Barns just get better with age. Don't do anything and the wood begins to show a deep grain, naturally weathered look. When the rustic appearance is just perfect, the barn wood can be sealed to halt the aging process.

With the exception of the optional sealing, Old Homestead Timberframe Barns and Sheds are maintenance free. The roofs are constructed to shed water, and if the drainage is good, even the unsealed wood won't rot.
Timberframe Chicken Coop
There are many good reasons for you to own an Old Homestead Timber Frame Barn. Follow the Old Homestead Barns link or :: click here :: to see for yourself.

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